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About me

Since 1999 I continue to be enchanted by the computer games and the culture surrounding them. Finished the faculty of Applied Math and IT just to be closer to the game development.

For 8 years already I’m being busy making various business software, usually web-sites. A moment kept getting closer when I switch my specialty to game development but I’m not there yet. I’m lucky to work completely remote all these years, while physically being in Russia.

Packt Publishing offered me a contract for a book, which I gladly wrote for them. And later translated to Russian for the Russian publisher ДМК-Пресс.

I finally construted this website so I would have a place to write my thoughts. Topics on which I write are listed in the site menu.

I write competent English and read fluently in it, so this website is bi-lingual. Toggle between languages is right there in the website header.

Completely possible that I know the remote work better than you, more experienced in programming than you and play computer games longer than you live. In such a case I hope you’ll get something from my notes, as you are my target audience. :)

Write me in any social network from the site header, if you are looking for the software development lessons. Maybe I need another 20 years to reach the level of Martin Fowler, Steve McConnell or Robert Martin, but I certainly am able to bring you up to my level at least. I’m steadily compiling a self-sufficient teaching course from the answers on your questions.

If you are looking for a developer in your team, welcome to my portfolio, but currently I’m interested only in game development, in which I have only limited experience. I have enough of the web development which I already do.

I also am writing a novel.


September 21, 2019

I have collected quite a bit of diplomas and awards while studying in school and university.

They are not really representative, especially after almost twenty years, but why not show them here.

Although, I finished a small online course in AI from Stanford teachers and got a certificate of completion from there.

And in 2018-2019 I completed some more online courses, which would show here as well.

Curriculum Vitae

June 14, 2019

My main portfolio and CV are GitHub and LinkedIn profiles. However, in case there’s a need of a CV in some form of a document, at least resembling oficialty, I have one as well.