Do It Yourself

SICP bookbinding

February 1, 2011

Some time ago I was unbeliveably impressed by the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, and I still recommend it to every software developer for the general knowledge. No other book (apart from, maybe, CTMCP) teaches so thoroughly and so understandably such a fundamental, key concepts of the software development. So, when I saw that Neil Van Dyke published on their website a Texinfo version of the SICP text, which I could print on a printer, I was completely elated and did exactly that.

Devops tambourine

September 24, 2010

In the faraway year 2010 it was a very popular running gag that devops personnel repairs servers using the voodoo tambourines. I’m too lazy to research it, but it probably begins as early as the time of bash.org.ru. Anyway, at that time I was working as a system administrator in a different companies and stumbled upon one absolutely wonderful guide to assemble the tambourine from CDs and floppy disks. The guide page itself, as far as I understand, is not accessible anymore, but I downloaded its copy for me.