Lazy Loading in PHP

February 23, 2014

Here’s the canonical method of lazy loading of an object attribute.

How to package and use Yii framework in PHAR

July 20, 2013

Okay, today's the task: pushing all of 1892 files of Yii framework to the Git repository is a burden, and upgrading it to new version pollutes the git log with changes to files you don't care about. Let's package it into a PHAR!

Real-world Acceptance Testing with Behat

May 31, 2013

Okay, today let’s say you have a working webapp providing some functionality to it’s users. And, let’s say you test this functionality manually. You have the long document describing how things should work and on each iteration you sit down, open your application and start clicking and filling forms and checking that all is going according to specs.

Of course this is pure horror, but it’s something that should be done to be sure that after all changes in current iteration your features aren’t broken, so, you don’t have regression errors.

Of course, there is a clean and obvious solution to automate this process.