Status update of AFCALC development

September 17, 2011

Well, AFCALC development goes smoothly and I reached the important milestone. Code base substantially shrunk — I was mostly fixing bugs, not adding features.

AFCALC now equipped with one testing model with exp() as transforming function and one real-world model of explosion made in 1970's by Kotlyar L. M.. It's successfully plotting the simplified version of Kotlyar's model, and it is very promising result.

I want to pass the following milestones:

  1. Plotting of full model of Kotlyar's model. It is very important, because there exists the process of calculating the series of additional coefficients for correction function and I want it decoupled from model and added to AFCALC core.
  2. Simultaneous building of three binaries with make: one with autotests, one with interactive session and one which plots the whole bunch of charts with different model parameters.

Tomorrow will be the day which gives me plot of full Kotlyar's model.

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