The Mozaic

May 27, 2015

I have finally compiled the anthology of the articles I completely adore and love. In the hope this collection will be useful I have uploaded the resulting PDF into Scribd and into my portfolio.

Book was compiled with AsciiDoc and overall was a great sandbox for learning book authoring using Emacs, AsciiDoc, DocBook and Apache FOP toolchains. I must say it was a total mess which removed 3 working days from my life (forgive me, my company).

I will write in this article all the pitfalls I have encountered and how to avoid them in the quest for ideal PDF layout. HTML output is mostly OK with AsciiDoc.


Here is written that ‘#’ symbols are because there is no glyphs in font:

Here is the definitive docs about fonts inclusion (also auto-detect):

DejaVu fonts:

PDFTK cat operation here:

General config for FOP here:

Font selection from DocBook stylesheets: This is how specifying fonts in DocBook works.

How to control what to be put into TOC (also list of figures): Also toc.section.depth.

Docbook stylesheets XSL-FO parameter reference here:

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