Evangelion AMV

January 19, 2019

This one is modern classic. I will tell my life story about it.

It was the year 2002 or maybe 2003, I don’t remember exactly anymore. I was at school, and suddenly higher ups gathered everyone for some unknown reason in the main cultural hall. And for the next three hours we watched cinema on the huge screen with a projector. I don’t know and can’t explain why they did that. It was absolutely unprecedented event. Especially given that the movie we watched was hilarious comedic re-translation of the first part of The Lord of the Rings, highly popular here in Russia.

However this is not a story about a movie. This is a story about a series of music clips they first played to us before the movie. Because one of them was an Anime Music Video on a song “Engel” by Rammstein, with the visuals taken from the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime (and possibly End of Evangelion too, but that doesn’t matter much). And this clip completely blew my mind. I fondly remember it since then.

I was impressed the most in this AMV by two things. First is the extremely precise timings. Lipsync in it was so precise that there was an illusion that the characters actually speak the lyrics of the song. Second is the track itself, which converted tragic theistic drama to hardcore action movie. If you think Evangelion is anything like the scene sequences in this AMV, you are wrong. ;) Also, the name of the song is “Engel”, which is, well, “Angel”, the major plot point of this anime.

It will not be a link to Youtube, because there’s no good quality version of this AMV on Youtube, at least I didn’t find one. It’s the link to the Russian website where local anime fan of this AMV spent half a year recreating the original clip with the remastered HQ version of the Evangelion video. As he’s saying in the article, “I thought it will take me a couple of days. In the end I spent half a year doing that, and the number one reason for that was insane complexity of this AMV”. He’s saying that the original author of this video most possibly did that using two VHS player/recorders. Because the original version, which in 1999 was submitted to an AMV competition, and which, unsurprisingly, won it, was recorded and distributed on a VHS tape. And, well, because most possibly the author didn’t have anything else at that time.

I can’t even imagine how can somebody compose video of such preciseness mixing it on two VHS players.

Anyway, enjoy the clip. The page being in Russian doesn’t matter, just scroll down to the middle of the page where the stream player and download buttons are.

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