Devil Trigger

February 3, 2019

This one is from the wonderful world of computer games.

This is the official theme song of the soon-to-be-published Devil May Cry 5 game. Casey Edwards feat. Ali Edwards - Devil Trigger.

What’s interesting in this song is the amount of hype it produced. When developers rolled out the reveal trailer for DMC5 last summer, with this track as the background music, it produced effect of a nuclear charge.

The top comment for this… video(?) is “When a song has more views than the trailer”, which is true. However, it’s more like that this song has more views than all the trailers shown so far combined, closing on to 20KK views.

Memes has been created.

…well, OK, I stopped laughing my ass off the memes, I need to finish this piece after all.

This Youtube page is used by fans to have conversations about the hype. They discuss there each new other video released about the game. Basically, this (fan-made!) page is hype. I think even publishers themselves did not expect such an effect, not that it is the officially-endorsed soundtrack page anyway. Being a fan of DMC franchise myself I was pretty delighted to see all of this hilarious mess. :D

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