January 14, 2019

Today’s clip is “Jee Veerey” by Bloodywood.

This is strictly metal group from India, which is already really unconventional for me, raised on North European metal bands. :) They successfully use native folk instruments in music and at least parts of the songs are in Hindi (as far as I understand, India has a lot of spoken languages).

In general they are pretty hardcore metal band, not the stuff I like to listen to, but “Jee Veerey” is special. It’s special because it’s not just a song, it’s a social issue advertising. They wrote this song to raise awareness to the problem of clinical depression. Second half of the clip is not the music, but they being talking about the importance of consulting with professionals when you feel the symptoms. I was highly surprised when I learned about this story as for me personally it’s first time I saw a singer being that proactive. I’m not into the music culture, though, maybe in general it’s not that uncommon.

And the track is pretty lit anyway. Check their channel if you became interested!~

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