January 15, 2019

Today’s video is special personally to me. This music clip is what got me into serious non-pop non-radio music in general. I was a 12-year old when I saw it, at night, on one of the PCs in a computer club, by chance. I don’t even know how they got it there in Russia in 1999. Internet was rare stuff those times. “Sleeping Sun” by Nightwish will always take a place in my black, stone heart.

However, you probably know about Nightwish anyway. ;) You probably even know that they broke off with their core singer Tarja Turunen several years ago, to the weeping of all their fans worldwide, including me. What you probably don’t know about them, though, is that they dedicated whole song to this event, called “Bye-Bye, Beautiful”, and mind me, it is not a tearful thank-you farewell song. It’s recorded with a new singer of course. More than that, it looks like the drama continued in the solo song by Tarja called “I Walk Alone”! However, it’s a lot more debatable in this case. Anyway, all this stuff with Nightwish changing singer with a scandal was pretty… colorful event.

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