January 16, 2019

Let’s talk about “What the hell, Japan?!” effect.

In Japan there lives a pop singer which goes by the name DAOKO. When I checked her channel in Youtube I saw just yet another pop singer, nothing special. Completely not my type of music.

However, how I even heard about this singer? By stumbling upon this one clip, which she did in collaboration with something called TeddyLoid:

This is anything but pop music, starting from visuals, and ending with the song structure. Also, regarding its text, this is a song about people being not good at communication with each other so they end up masturbating alone by themselves. You’re welcome.

And more than that, Daoko name is known for providing background songs for provocative short movie clips like Me! Me! Me!. You didn’t hear about Me! Me! Me! ? Here you are (NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!):

TeddyLoid - ME!ME!ME! (feat. daoko)-HD

But this is not she sings, as far as I see at least! So what the hell is going on, I wonder? Singer abuse? :D Why not all of her music is like that? I just realized that both of the clips are from TeddyLoid, hmm.

Not like I was that into this story to dig deeper, though. :) I just got extremely impressed by a girl in super cool outfit floating left and right supported by robot arms, while singing “Like. Hate. Loathe. Like. Like. Hate. Loathe. Like. Like. Hate. Loathe. Like. Hate. Hate. Hate! Hate!”

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